hdi 110 leaking clutch pipe. 2001 model

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hdi 110 leaking clutch pipe. 2001 model

Post by markieg7 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:04 pm

Had to get pulled in the other day as clutch pedal had sunk to floor.
Upon finding the fluid puddle on top of the gearbox it seems that the previous owners garage had failed to route the metal slave pipe correctly within the engine bay and has been vibrating underneath the gearbox mount. Result is, the flexi plastic pipe (approx 150mm length) has chaffed underneath the gearbox mount and sliding the rubber bellows/mount points reveals what appears to be a welded crimp to the steel pipe.
Has anybody tried removing this flexi piece from the steel pipe? Is it welded on at both ends? I might try to remove tomorrow and replace with suitable rubber pipe after cutting back. Any ideas please?
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