Help diagnose clutch problem please

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Help diagnose clutch problem please

Post by davidjeanneret » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:58 pm

2L HDI 110. 03 plate. 183k ish miles. I like it!

Clutch broke. Found that the plastic arm of the master cylinder had snapped. For he previous 30 mins of driving I had no Iced that clutch action was a bit scratchy. I had the garage replace he master Cylinder.

Then they said "clutch pedal won't depress something else wrong in the clutch/gearbox" and quoted me £760 to change clutch for starters.

I've just popped the slave cylinder out to have a look and noticed that it's piston was fully extended and the lever that it acts on was pushed back. I would have thought that that lever would spring back, compressing the space cylinder, when clutch pedal lifts.

Am I right?
Does that help diagnose what's wrong with the clutch?
Any clues?
How much do you think I should be paying for a new clutch?

Cheers for any help


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