Clutch kit for 406 2.00ltr 90bhp 2/1999 to 2004

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Clutch kit for 406 2.00ltr 90bhp 2/1999 to 2004

Post by MacMidlands » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:22 pm

The release bearing on my 406 destroyed its self & took out the bearing guide, which ive got a replacement for. My problem is, ive got a LUK clutch kit 623 3034 00, which E.C.P say is what I need, but im not sure its the correct one. The release bearing is sloppy on the guide, ie there's a least a mm of play, & the lugs on it are too small to be held properly in the release fork. Another supplier said the part I need is LUK 623 3043 00, ive looked it up & it looks better than what ive got.

Question. What is the correct LUK part number?.
Are the plates on the LUK units the same, so can I just replace the release bearing,as I fitted it & not sure if I can return the whole kit.

Should ov took it a garage really, but didn;t want to pay £210 labour + parts.

Gearbox type BE4R. Engine type DW10TD
Thank you.

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