Oil type

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Oil type

Post by Jakehughes1993 »

New to all of this and new to the car as only just got it, the car is a 1.8 petrol Lx model it has an oil leak between the engine and gearbox 1st question is what could have caused this will it be something internal or just age ?! 2nd what type of engine oil is best for this engine at a budget ?!
Thanks for any help or advice :-)

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Re: Oil type

Post by lozz »

Oil leak? Couid be coming from anywhere..
Best to clean it off and see if its running down
If its internal ..worst case its a gearbox out job.
There is some snake oils out there that will slow down or stop leaks. (Wyn's)
Any oil is better than no oil
If its loosing it. Maybe euroclownparts qx oil is your best bet as its cheap and meets the cars needs.
Iwouidnt bother with out like castrol until the leaks sorted.

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