Map sensor (quick fix?)

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Map sensor (quick fix?)

Post by dadooo » Sat May 23, 2015 7:48 am

Hello Pugsters!
The wife's 406 2000 estate 2.0 16v has always been a slow starter hot or cold. It has taken more turns/time during start up compared to my 1999 16v (yes we have his and hers estates) .
Anyways she said it has gotten worse.. so searching the site read for about an hour thought I would go and take a look at the map sensor , thinking maybe get lucky and just some crude in the connector.
Well the connector was fine. So I loosen then screw (8mm) and it's kind of rusty but comes loose pretty easy . Now there is/ was some white build up in the threads and the brass on the map sensor also corroded.
And carbon build up on the part that goes in the manifold.
So I wire brushed clean the screw and sanded clean the brass around the screw hole and applied copper paste (lots of) to the screw. Took some brake clean spray to the inside of the map and then blew it out with some compressed air.
Shazam! What a difference.
The car starts direct and accelerates much better I think .. don't drive it that much ,it's the wife's ride . but I will report back if it doesn't keep working.
And to ask the question : Is the brass around the screw hole part of the electric system of the map sensor (ground/ earth) ?
BTW the fix was quicker than the search but with out the search I would have been lost.
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