Turbo does not kick in - suggested ECU fault?

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Re: Turbo does not kick in - suggested ECU fault?

Post by seasonshu » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:38 pm

Guys... so much win!

I sprayed the inside of the MAF sensor and while I was at it, I sprayed the electrical connections of the MAF, throttle and denso sensors. I looked up that a brake cleaner is not recommended because it can damage plastic, however WD40 was told to be safe -- which means there is no need to buy a expensive can of MAF cleaner from Ebay.

I went for a ride and it occurred to me that I can easily get to 60mph in third, revving up to 4500 (previously getting to 4000 was possible but very sloooowly).. it was easy to get up to speed on the motorway, the sounds of the engine has also changed, now I have a bit of a 'racing' feeling.

All in all I am very happy, now I can safely go on longer journeys. Thank you ever so much guys for all the advices; especially to busman and lozz who persuaded me looking into the MAF -- despite the mechanic claimed that they have checked it already! I am now feeling like a mechanic :lol:

Another case closed, where can I send the beers? :cheesy:
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Re: Turbo does not kick in - suggested ECU fault?

Post by bangernom1cs » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:44 am

Just to add,
I recently changed the brake servo on my 110 which helped the similar problems immensely.
I was getting some sort of servo 'delay' when pressing the brake pedal. This pointed out a vacuum problem IMO also with it going into limp mode prior to this fix. I guess some sort of valve in the servo/diaphragm causing this. (had a similar fault on a Montego DlX years ago )
However they have returned. . . . but livable until tonight when the car just stopped with the MFD flashing up
a 'no oil pressure ' and would not restart. I should point out that there was full oil level and the fuel pump was working!
The cambelt was changed two weeks ago and a full service in readiness for its plating shortly.
After 382k miles It could be anything. Easy start proved that there was life still in the engine fortunately.
Luckily the AA man who attended was a time served Pug fan and the laptop showed a virtual history of the faults I'd come across in my ownership. Keeps throwing up a camshaft sensor fault repeatedly having cleared out all the previous faults from the ECU.
Fingers crossed that its just that . Maf was changed about 10 months ago. The turbo roughly at the same time.Crank sensor 3 months ago along with a new clutch.
Not ever changed the cam sensor or the boost sensor on the intercooler though.

will keep you posted.


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