Oil temp

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Re: Oil temp

Post by grasmere59 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:35 am

When I'm towing the van with mine the oil temp is quite high and when I did the A30 a couple of years back the oil temp rose very high followed in quick succession by the water temp but no stop light on the dash,i tend to open the windows and put the heater on full chat when I see a steep hill coming,old school and inconvenient to the passengers but it helps.Last year towing in North Wales I hit a hill and had my foot buried in the carpet in 2nd gear and only just making headway and I thought the poor old girl was going to burst but she coped,when we got to site the front of the caravan was covered in black smuts from the exhaust and after talking to a mate who's a diesel mechanic he said the turbo was probably glowing and probably cleared all of the shite out of it and the exhaust and did it good.I change the oil before every outing with the caravan and that does me as after all if you didn't have an oil temp gauge as most cars don't you wouldn't know any difference and wouldn't worry.
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Re: Oil temp

Post by muhammadbadawi » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:18 pm


I ,ve been in this issue for that month, I found suddenly while being on the highway after about 2 hours the oil temperature raising until it reaches the 140 mark then the water gauge slightly increasing with the red stop sign beebing.
i towed the car to the service center and found the main problem is that the engine becomes too old and needs a full repair and this long trip has got the last breath of the engine.
the engineer also has suggested to disable the oil coolant to overcome any future faulties around this part.

currently i see the oil temp sitting on the mark just before 140

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